your lack of emotional intelligence is holding you back.

Do you find it very hard to hold back your words to a loved one? You often say the wrong things at the wrong time with the people that matter most in your life.

Now, it’s very easy to pass this all off as “being real” with them. You can say to them that you’re just being sincere and authentic, but unfortunately, such excuse will ring hallow. They can easily ask you a very question that will shut you down: “If you truly respect and love me, why do you choose those words to communicate?”

There are many ways to communicate the same idea. Unfortunately, if you are in an emotional state, it’s too tempting and easy to say things in the worst way possible. Instead of simply communicating information, you may say things in such a way that they cut and demean the people you’re talking to.

People can only take so much of this until they start suspecting that you don’t respect them, much less, love them.

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